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Friday, April 10, 2009


Dan Breslau, in his post "Living Agile", describes what I happened to call "Blog-jam"...(here I unfortunately had to delete his simile...)

"...I’d planned to pick up where I’d left off,... inevitably, just as I sat down to write, a new idea poked its head in. on its heels came another one,... a third idea showed up...Some of those ideas were so darned appealing. But before I knew it, there was a crowd of them, each struggling to be the first to slide into the keyboard. With all of their jostling, none of them could get through. If I couldn’t break that logjam, this post was never going to happen. ... I’m trying to write a blankety-blank blog, not The Great American Software Book."

I too have too many ideas, not only when writing blogs but even just sitting down to work. Sometimes putting a Task into Outlook with the thought in it breaks the jam. Sometimes writing it up in a Word document and storing it in my Ideas file helps. Often nothing helps and I spend the day dithering.

I will meditate on focusing on one small thing. Thanks, Dan!


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