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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


You can trust someone to have the right attitude, but not the skill. "Thanks, dear, I know you mean well, but I want to call a plumber."

You can trust someone to have the skill, but not the honesty. "I know you have the ability to manage my money to my advantage, but since we're not married any more, I'd rather someone else do it."

Trust must be gained over the long haul, but can be lost with a single act of betrayal. "You used the information I gave you to get promoted over me?" "Oh but we can still be trust me, right?"

You can trust someone in some way but not in others. "Honey, you're a whiz at negotiation. Just use your GPS to get there, ok?"

Believing that your ex has your child's best interests in mind does not mean you believe he or she is capable of delivering the best care.


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